Creative Arts


Art Appreciation

Join these courses to learn more about art history, artists and movements, aesthetics and the appreciation of different forms and styles of art from the Renaissance to contemporary art. Some courses include a gallery visit.

Botanical illustration

Beginners, flower painters and botanists may all benefit from this specialist art form, exploring techniques to describe flowers in individual studies or groups, for those who want to acquire basic skills or improve their skills.

Drawing and Painting

We offer a wide variety of painting and drawing courses in which you can choose from a range of media e.g. oils, pastels or watercolour. This will give you every opportunity to develop in the way that best suits your particular needs. We recognize that everyone has specific requirements and expectations and therefore run courses for all ability levels, including beginners, improvers, advanced and all levels.

Drawing and Painting (Life)

These courses offer the opportunity to work from the model to develop individual expression and understanding of drawing and/or painting, through the study of form, colour, tone and composition.


Our tutors are all talented artists who exhibit regularly. View recent works  here

Helen K Brown

Anthony Farrell

Anna Lovely

Mania Row

Amanda Webster


Put your experience of drawing to alternative creative use through the traditional arts of etching and printing in a variety of forms. All classes are held in our well-equipped specialist workshop.

Interior Design

Courses offered include qualification and non accredited courses. Develop your imagination and creativity. Courses includes colour theory, planning techniques, technical drawing and practical exercises to help you visualise and create individual interiors.

AIM Awards Level 2 Certificate in Interior Design Skills:

This course consists of 6 mandatory units and assessment is by portfolio submission on completion of the course. This course, along with the Level 3 will start again in Sept 2015.


Learn how to use your camera more effectively, whether film or digital. You can gain a better understanding of how your camera works and how to get the most from different light conditions, filters, lenses and flash, as well as the techniques of picture composition and creating effects.

SLR Photography: Learn how to get the most of your SLR camera and how to take control of all the functions, menus and buttons. The course will cover basic camera settings to more advanced camera techniques.

NEW: SLR Photography – Follow On: This course is aimed at those who are familiar with camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO and wish to learn how to use them to their full creative potential on a wide variety of subjects. Explore different photographic styles and techniques in order to express your creativity. Not suitable for beginners. This is an intermediate level.

The Creative SLR: We shall explore the versatility of Single Lens Reflex cameras, starting with basics in order to achieve sharp, accurately exposed images, and progressing to more advanced techniques which will help you achieve creativity.

NEW   Advanced Social Photography: Not suitable for beginners. We will explore the equipment and techniques needed to undertake social assignments, and discuss how to prepare for, and conduct, those assignments. The course, which is both theoretical and practical, will include assessing and using suitable equipment, how to deal with clients, set up a shoot, and how to adapt to any lighting situation whether natural or artificial, including how to use hotshoe flashguns.

NEW   Documentary Photography: On this course you will explore a variety of ways in which photography can document people, events, places and more. Through a combination of practical work and theory you will learn to communicate meaning through composition and timing, and use your settings to manipulate light, focus and colour.

NEW  Street Photography: On this course you will learn how to take creative and interesting street photographs. Explore the history of street photography and learn from great examples, then find out how to use your camera’s settings along with creative composition techniques to capture stories happening all around you.

NCFE Level  2 Certificate in Photography

This qualification course will give you technical creative skills in photography and help you to develop a portfolio of photographic work. This course will start again in Sept 2015.


Learn how to make, shape, carve and cast model figures, heads or abstracts in clay, stone or wood. All classes are suitable for all ability levels and are held in our specialist workshop.


Come and take the opportunity to learn the techniques needed to make objects in silver from bracelets to ornate household objects. The courses cater for all levels and are held in our specialist workshop.