Family Learning

Family English Maths and Language (FEML) and Wider Family Learning (WFL) 

Bromley Adult Education College manages the Family Learning provision across the Borough of Bromley, working with a variety of organisations who work with families in the community.

In previous years we have facilitated, funded or contributed towards a variety of projects including  Literacy, Numeracy, Arts and Crafts, Computing, Keep Fit, Recycling and Parenting skills, arranged by many different organisations, from small community groups to schools, throughout the borough.If you think that your organisation or group may have a scheme which requires funding, if you wish to discuss any ideas you may have for Wider Family Learning (WFL) projects or just want some more information, please contact Neil Hay on 020 8460 0020 or email:

For details of our Family English Maths and Language (FEML ) provision, please contact Elena Diaconescu on 020 8460 0020 or email:

Programmes involving parents/carers together with children

  • Family English
  • Family Maths
  • Family EAL (targeting speakers of other languages)

All these programmes run for 10-15 weeks, one session per week during the school day. They target families in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and 2.

  • Storysack and Rhyme– targets families in EYFS & focuses on communication & language or the language of maths and runs for 5- 6 weeks. Parents make a storysack.
  • Family Bake Off – targets Y1 & 2; families bake each week & learn about the maths involved; 5 – 6 weeks course
  • Homework Club- Homework Club runs 5-6 weeks after school and targets Year 3 upwards.

Programmes involving parents/carers only – which support children’s learning

  • Family ICT (to improve IT skills, 10-15 weeks)
  • Keeping Up with the Children English (help your child with reading and writing, 6 weeks)
  • Keeping Up with the Children Maths (help your child with Maths, 6 weeks)
  • Storysacks (hands on course in which parents make their own storysack, 6 weeks)

All these programmes target families in Key Stage 1 or 2 except for Storysacks which targets Foundation Stage parents/carers.


Programmes to support the family (Wider Family Learning)

These programmes involve parents/carers only and target families with children in primary schools.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Healthy Eating/Cookery
  • Self Esteem*
  • Understanding Anger*
  • Parenting Skills*

Programmes run for 5 or 6 weeks, with the exception of Parenting Skills which runs for 10 weeks. Each course is delivered as one session per week during the school day. Subjects marked * are facilitated in partnership with The Bromley Children’s Project.