How we support you

General information and enrolment advice information
You can expect friendly, courteous and efficient service. Telephones are answered within 30 seconds on most occasions and every is made to answer queries or refer them onto the appropriate department. You will receive general advice on the suitability of courses and an efficient processing of enrolments and refunds.

In order to provide you with the important information about your course, your first lesson will include an induction. This will cover the essential information about your course, as well as key information about the College and centre, additional learning support, emergency procedures and other College policies.

Students with disabilities
Before you enrol, contact the College on 020 8659 7976 or enquiries to discuss your support needs.  If you are a carer or advocate for a student, you are welcome to speak on their behalf on any issues that may arise.

If you require wheelchair access to any of the centres, please mention this when enrolling, so we can make any necessary arrangements.

Financial support
If you are having difficulty with the associated costs of studying at our College, please contact the Kentwood Centre on 020 8659 7976.

Supporting learning with technology
Bromley Adult Education College  has worked to provide improved learning facilities in class and support for students outside the classroom. We offer:

  • Computers with internet connection, speakers and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms in the main centres
  • Demonstration equipment in some specialist rooms e.g.  cookery
  • Computers with free access for students during opening times
  • Free wifi at the Kentwood Centre

English, Maths and English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)
Free classes are available subject to eligibility. All students will take an examination. To find out more contact Pat Johnson on 020 8659 7976 or email her

Customer care
The College aims to offer value for money. You can expect tutors who:

  • Are carefully recruited
  • Are qualified to an appropriate level
  • Have been through an induction programme
  • Receive ongoing support
  • Offer you a high standard of tuition and associated support

Getting it right
We have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, but sometimes we get it wrong. Although we will try to deliver the programme as advertised, changes might have to be made. Even with rigorous checking, there may be small differences in the fees and descriptions for identical courses.

Health and Safety

  • If you use your own electrical equipment, it is your responsibility to ensure it is in good working order, and that it is used only by you.
  • With the exception of Family Learning classes, BAEC does not accommodate children. Students must not attend classes with children or leave them unsupervised in the building.
  • Emergency evacuation drills are held each term at all main centres for the safety of all centre users. Please respond promptly to the fire alarm and follow the instructions given by the members of staff on duty.
  • The safety of students and staff is a high priority in our classes. Tutors will advise on the safe use of tools, materials and equipment. If you are unsure about the safe handling of any materials, equipment or tools, please ask your tutor. Look out for wall notices giving specific information in specialist rooms.
  • A list of First Aiders in provided at every centre.