Counselling Information

At BAEC we offer 2 types of courses which are both accredited by the CPCAB.

Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills

This qualification is intended for candidates who want to:

  • Learn basic counselling skills (listening and responding skills) in helping roles
  • Find out more about counselling (this qualification won’t teach them to be a counsellor, but may help them decide whether or not they want to train as one);
  • Improve professional and personal relationships
  • This qualification does not lead directly to an employed role. However, it could enhance an existing role or increase the general employability of those seeking to enter the job market.

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

This qualification is for:

  • Those starting the first level of training as a professional counsellor
  • Those who want to learn counselling skills in other professional or helping roles
  • Those who want to improve their professional and personal relationships as part of personal development
  • This qualification could lead to employment or increase employability for those whose role is to support others in e.g. health and social care work, teaching and learning, advocacy and mediation, support and project work, other helping roles.
  • It provides additional skills for those already in employment likely to lead to increased opportunities for promotion and advancement

Both courses are for candidates with no previous training or experience who are looking to start their counselling training journey. You may join at Certificate level only if you have some prior knowledge or experience.

You will need an interview before joining at either level, this can be booked here. When interviews are not available you will be able to register your interest via this same link; we will contact you once interviews are available.