Prevent and Fundamental British Values

If you are a learner at BAEC, you will hear a lot about Fundamental British Values. These are not about ‘Being British’, but are fundamental values that contribute positively to life in modern Britain.

The promotion of Fundamental British Values are statutory duties for all educational establishments as part of the PREVENT duty.

So, how are Fundamental British Values made a part of life at BAEC?

The four Fundamental British Values are:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Tolerance and mutual respect

You will find these being promoted in many ways as you continue your studies here. Examples include the following:

BAEC delivers a unique curriculum in Bromley, and it is within your individual liberty to be able to choose a course that interests you. You will complete Individual Learning Plans and agree personal objectives with your tutor. There may be some limits on your choices that are influenced by exam board criteria, eligibility requirements or funding priorities.

In fulfilling our expectations of democracy you will find opportunities to give feedback about BAEC and your time here, and there is a Student Involvement Strategy. Vote casting and majority decisions in your classes may enable you and your classmates to decide on projects to be undertaken, and changes to session timings or break schedules.

Examples of the rule of law in action include many national laws that govern BAEC such as General Data Protection Regulation, Health and Safety regulations and the Equality Act. You will have a contract with BAEC in the form of your Learner Agreement. Classes will have their own sets of ground rules.

Being an inclusive College, we have codes of conduct for all staff and learners and these are expected to be respected. Our fees do not discriminate and we have changed our curriculum to focus on those with least access to education. Learners often help and support each other.

What about the PREVENT duty?

‘The PREVENT duty’ means having due regard to the need to keep people safe and prevent them from the threat of being drawn into radicalism. BAEC regularly invites PREVENT Counter Terrorism Protect Borough officers to meet with the management team to discuss local and national risks, deliver workshops to staff and learners to raise awareness and take part in Safeguarding Week.