London Walks information

London Walks information

BAEC runs a variety of London Walks courses with our experienced tutors Kate Boyle, Richard Watkins and Jill Finch, who are also qualified London Guides. Each term, you can explore a new part of London or re-visit areas while focusing on different aspects of the capital's history and architecture.

During the winter months and/or in case of restrictions on outdoor meetings, 'virtual' classroom-based walks are organised at the Kentwood centre, or online. These are usually one-off sessions and are advertised separately.

The maximum number of learners in each group is 18. Walks are extremely popular and we advise you to enrol early to secure your place.

Our students' wellbeing and safety is our prime concern. There may be occasions when the programmes need to be altered at short notice, for example if there are new governmental safety guidance  or reduced availability of public transport.

Each walk lasts 2 hours, departing from an agreed meeting point and following a planned route that features the salient points of the session's theme. While the walks are not usually physically challenging, each route may include urban and/or rural roads and will take place in all weathers (except in extreme conditions, when it may be necessary to make alternative arrangements).

You should wear suitable clothing and footwear, including rainproof clothing and/or sun protection as appropriate.

If you would like to speak to a tutor about a particular course, let us know and we will arrange for the  teacher to contact you.