Student feedback

What we are working towards

We are continuously striving to improve the service we offer and encourage our students to give feedback on any aspect of BAEC’s service. You are invited to do this by:

  • talking to a member of our observation team, when they undertake a Learning Walk or an Observation of Teaching and Learning in your class
  • talking to the curriculum leader for your subject area or the centre manager (you may need to make an appointment)
  • completing the evaluation survey at the end of your course
  • completing a “Tell us how we are doing” online form at any time during your course, available here - hard copies are available from reception areas in both centres
  • emailing
  • contacting the Customer Care Team on 020 8659 7679.  A member of our friendly staff will take your contact details and a Customer Care team member will ring you back.

The London Learner Survey

As a provider that is funded by the Mayor of London, the GLA has asked us to ask all our students why they are studying and what benefit the study is having on their lives. Please complete the survey here, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad too! 5 months after your course, you may be contacted again by the IFF who are carrying out the survey on behalf the GLA, to see the impact of the course. Read more about the London Learner Survey

July 2021 - End of Year learner survey

At the end of a disrupted and challenging year, we are proud of our students and their efforts to continue to participate in learning. Courses were delivered on site and remotely, while tutors adapted their methodology and use of technology in all areas. The vast majority of learners achieved their learning goals.

99% enjoyed their course and would recommend it to a friend

98% confirmed that their course had positive impact on them

98% rate their course as 'good' or 'very good'

85% intend to continue studying at BAEC

Examples of comments include

My online skills are fairly limited, but I did enjoy working in my own kitchen, using my own cooking utensils.

Given the difficulties of operating, the course tutor has done an outstanding job which is reflected in the fact that all of the class has re-enrolled for the next course.

Particularly positive experience especially during the last 18 months of COVID

Personally, I use all the programs taught constantly, for domestic uses and I am aware of how requested they are in a no numbers of jobs that I intend to be involved in the future.

This course has helped me to improve my writing skills, and time management.

I have practiced and i have learned how to speak, for example with my boss.

Complaints Procedure

BAEC is determined to provide its students with the best possible service. It recognises that sometimes things can go wrong and, in such circumstances, wants to put things right quickly. If you wish to make a complaint, please contact the Customer Care Team  by email to (please write 'for the attention of the Customer Care manager' in the subject line) or by telephone at the Kentwood centre 0208 659 7976. A member of our friendly team will take your message and a member of the customer care team will ring you back.

The BAEC Customer Care Policy is available the Policies and Reports page on this site, College reception areas or by telephoning 020 8659 7976 or emailing us on