Additional costs

Materials and/or Ingredients

We recommend that you do not purchase materials / ingredients prior to the start of the course until you receive official notification from BAEC to do so. This will not be sent until viability has been established and will eliminate any unnecessary expenditure.

Materials for most practical subjects, such as flowers in floristry, cookery ingredients, fabric in clothes making, patchwork or upholstery, are not included in the course fee unless indicated. Some materials need to be purchased weekly e.g. ingredients for cookery, flowers etc.  Please read the course description carefully. More details are available in course summary forms.

Materials for art subjects will normally be discussed during the first session of the course and we recommend that you do not purchase art equipment until you have agreed the list with the tutor. You are asked to bring any art materials you already have to the first session. Please note that quality art equipment can be a substantial investment; talk to your tutor as soon as possible if you have concerns about additional costs for your course.

Textbooks, audio material, online resources for language classes

If you enrol on a language course, you will be required to purchase a text book by the fourth week of the course, accompanied by an online subscription or audio materials such as CDs.

You will also be encouraged to access online resources such as websites, language apps, digital dictionaries etc. This will be discussed at the first session. Wherever possible, the tutor will recommend online materials that are free to access or download.

Examination Costs

Examination, accreditation and administration costs are generally included in the course fee. However some are shown in addition and need to be paid on enrolment. Please check the details in each course description. All examination/accreditation and administration fees are non-refundable as they are passed on to external examining bodies.

Class cancellations and alterations

No liability can be accepted for expenses incurred in, or in connection with, attending a class which has been cancelled or altered at short notice. Every effort will be made to inform students in advance of any cancellation or alteration to a course.