Wellbeing, Pilates and Yoga information

Wellbeing information

There is a wide range of wellbeing courses at BAEC.

Our  tutor Theresa Borg, an experienced and qualified therapist,  runs positive thinking courses on a different theme every term. You can learn techniques to increase self confidence, improve self esteem and develop emotional resilience. Other courses focus on improved sleep, nutrition and diet, mediation and relaxation techniques.

We also propose courses to improve financial resilience and wellbeing; and practical ways to make positive lifestyle changes.

Wellbeing courses do not require specialist equipment or know-how. All information shared in class is confidential and stay within the group.

Pilates information

BAEC runs mixed ability Pilates courses at the Poverest centre  with our experienced tutor Carole Smith.

The maximum number of learners in each group to 15. We advise you to enrol early to secure your place.

Equipment and materials

You will need to provide your own mat and small equipment that you should not share with other students. We cannot provide shared resources. You should not make any purchase before the start of the course apart from your mat,  further requirements will be discussed at the first session.

Safety in the classroom 

Our students' wellbeing and safety is our prime concern and we ask that you work with us to ensure social distancing and safe working practices. There are sanitising facilities in the classroom and you will be asked to reduce your movements around the room to ensure minimal contact. To assist us in keeping classrooms clean and clutter-free, please only bring what you need and arrive promptly, but not before the start of your session.

Only bottled water in a sealed container is allowed, please keep it in your bag when not in use.

Yoga Information

BAEC runs mixed ability gentle yoga courses at the Kentwood centre with Giovina Guerra.  The maximum number of learners is 12.

The information above is valid for Yoga courses.

East-West Fitness Workout

This brand-new course takes place at the Poverest centre with tutor Roopa Pasendar-Dhanjal. The maximum number of learners is 12.

There is no specialist equipment required for the course.


If you would like to speak to a tutor about a particular course, let us know and we will arrange for our teacher to contact you.


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