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BAEC is getting ready to welcome you back in September 2020.

We know you have questions about your learning and we are regularly updating our FAQ so we give you as much information as possible and you make an informed choice.

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September 2020 - Safety and Hygiene precautions

Please respect social distancing at all times. A queuing system is in place to reduce congestion at busy times and you may be asked to wait for reception staff.

We ask that you arrive promptly for your class, within 10 minutes of the start time. If you are early, please wait in the cafe area and not outside the classroom.

A face covering (mask, visor) needs to be worn in common parts of the buildings where there is a flow of traffic e.g. corridors, toilets, cafe when/if open.

We encourage you to bring your own face shield/mask, but if you need one as an emergency, you will be able to purchase one from reception. 

A one way system is in place at the Poverest and Kentwood centres.

Poverest: Enter via the main door and exit via the emergency exit in your classroom.

Kentwood: Enter via the main door and exit via the side door, between the main  and the new buildings.  Also at Kentwood, go up the stairs near the lift (outside room 4) and go down the stairs near the cafe (next to room 20).

Hand sanitiser is available in all classrooms, corridors and foyer. Additional hand washing stations are situated outside room 2 at Kentwood and opposite room 6 at Poverest.

Classes are thoroughly cleaned before and after each session. Common parts of the buildings are cleaned several times a day. Shared equipment such as computers, classroom apparatus and tools are cleaned by site staff, users are required to wash/sanitise their hands before use.

Only bottled water, in a sealed container, can be brought to class and should be kept in bags when not in use. Hot drinks must be consumed in the cafe area at Kentwood and the eating area at Poverest.

Additional safety precautions, relevant to your subject, will be agreed during the first session.

Please do not attend the centres if you, or anyone in your household, displays symptoms or tests positively for COVID-19. Let your tutor or a manager know immediately so we can inform your classmates.

Progression Route Maps 

If you are considering training for a career but not sure of the steps required, have a look at our Route Progression Maps.

You can request further information from one of our subject specialists at any time.

Bookkeeping progression pathways Bookkeeping

Counselling progression pathways Counselling

Photography progression pathways Photography

Learner Charter

The Learner Charter can be found here

Learner Charter 2020-21