Etching and Printmaking information

BAEC runs etching and printmaking courses for beginners, improvers and intermediates at the Kentwood centre with our experienced tutor Anthony Anderson.

Most courses are mixed ability. Depending on your experience, you will have the opportunity to develop your art and individuality. Beginners will follow a set programme to acquire their skills, while improvers and intermediate learners will agree their own targets with the tutor. Each course content is versatile and tutors may prioritise several techniques, artists or subjects at different times. Please contact and ask to be put in touch with the curriculum leader, if you would like further information on a particular course content.

Please note that for the academic year 2023-24, Etching and Printmaking courses will run on Tuesdays.

Small groups

The maximum number of learners in each group is 18. We advise you to enrol early to secure your place.

Equipment and materials

Materials for etching classes will normally be discussed during the first session of the course and we recommend that you do not purchase specialist equipment until you have agreed the list with the tutor. You are asked to bring any materials you already have to the first session. Please note that quality etching and printmaking equipment can be a substantial investment; talk to your tutor as soon as possible if you have concerns about additional costs for your course.

Room layout and shared equipment

Etching and Printmaking courses take place in an art room  with specialist equipment and materials. There is a separate area for processes involving chemicals. All equipment must be used under supervision of the tutor.  Our learners’ wellbeing and safety is our prime concern and we ask that you work with us to ensure safe working practices.

There is enough room at shared tables for students to work safely.  Access to the acid room is restricted.  Other procedures e.g. rota to use the sinks, hotplates etc. will be agreed at the first session.

All learners are expected to participate in cleaning up at the end of the session. There are cleaning/sanitising facilities in the classroom for your convenience.

Your tutor will demonstrate techniques on his/her own project, and direct you while you work on your item.

To assist us in keeping classrooms clean and clutter-free, please only bring what you need and arrive promptly, but not before the start of your session.

Food and Drink

Only bottled water in a sealed container is allowed, please keep it in your bag when not in use.


If you would like to speak to a tutor, please let us know and we will arrange for our teacher to contact you.

Etching & Printmaking Courses