Students’ Wellbeing

Staying well and looking after your health

Protecting students’ mental health and wellbeing is a priority at BAEC. We recognise that many students are facing additional mental health challenges and we  encourage them to stay in touch with their tutor, fellow students and the BAEC safeguarding team.

The Dedicated Safeguarding Lead is Elena Diaconescu, contact her on 020 8659 7976

Bromley Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

Schools and colleges, including adult education providers, play a key role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people, families and adult students. This toolkit aims to improve links between education and mental health professionals so that people get the support they need when they need it.

For more information follow this link Bromley Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

Coping with the Cost of Living crisis

It's hard to look after your mental health when you are worried about money.

BAEC can help with workshops on managing money and budgeting. There are also a range of organisations that can help you manage your finances and support you with your mental health.

For more information and where to get help, follow these links

30 minutes Wellbeing Workshops with Theresa Borg

Learn about the power of Positive Thinking and Mindfulness with these introductory workshops, hosted by our qualified Wellbeing and Meditation tutor. Follow the link to the Youtube videos and practise at home.

Positive thinking

Introduction to Mindfulness 

Wellbeing Guidance in other languages

Doctors of the World have published leaflets in 27 languages to support wellbeing in migrant communities in the UK.

You can download the guides by following this link 

Finding other help and support

The resources below offer some tips to look after ourselves and each other.

Local support

Bromley Well mental health and wellbeing

Talk Together Bromley

Keeping Active at Home

Staying active, eating well and sleeping soundly is important for wellbeing and mental health.

The resources below give information on how to keep physically healthy and well. - how to look after your mental health using exercise - diet and mental health

Supporting recovery after Covid-19

If you are suffering from long lasting effects of Covid-19, the NHS has published helpful guidance on managing symptoms and the effects on your mind and body.

You can access the website here