Information, Advice and Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance

Thinking of enrolling on a course? Are you unsure of the entry requirements, or would you like to talk to someone to check if the course is right for you?

You can contact our friendly staff members by emailing

You can also call 0208 659 7976  or 01689 822886  Staff members can answer your questions, or put you in touch with a Curriculum Leader for further advice.

Pre course IAG

View the subject area for your course on the left hand menu on the BAEC home page. You will find information on what to expect, if you need to bring anything to your class and what our procedures are  to ensure your health and safety.

You can find details of individual courses on our website. The Course Summary has information on venue, dates and times as well as a general description. Click on More Details link for information on what to expect, whether the course is accredited or not, if there are entry requirements, extra costs or homework requirements. You can also request a Course Details sheet by phone.

If your course is accredited, you will normally be invited for an interview and assessment of your starting level. During the meeting, you will also have a chance to discuss the course format and your individual needs.

IAG during your course

As a learner with BAEC, you can expect ongoing feedback on your progress and information on your next steps. Your tutor will support you to identify your short and longer term goals, and you can reflect on your achievements. We will normally ask you to complete an Individual Student Course Record at intervals during the course. If your course is online, you will complete the documentation remotely.

Talk to your tutor if you would like extra help and advice on study skills. We have a range of support mechanisms to help you - individual and group support, workshops and online guidance.

We offer students workshops to develop their employability skills or their digital skills, including accredited courses.

We also run workshops and short courses at certain times during the year to familiarise learners with the requirements of specific careers paths, such as childcare or bookkeeping.

IAG at the end of your course

You will be encouraged to discuss your next steps with your tutor. They are specialists in their subject and will usually be able to advise you but if you would like more information, they can put you in touch with another member of staff for further advice.

You can also consult our Career Guidance Handout for further information on local opportunities and financial assistance available.

To view our Career Guidance Handout, click here