What to pay

2023/2024 Course Fees

Funding and Proof of Eligibility
The majority of our courses benefit from funding from the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority (GLA). We also receive a very small amount of funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The Mayor of London,  (GLA) and the ESFA require BAEC to provide evidence of student identity and eligibility.

For a student to be eligible for GLA funding, they must reside in London on the first day of the course and have a legal right to be resident in the United Kingdom/EU/EEA for a period of time prior to the start of the course. Learners residing outside London postcodes are funded by the ESFA. For further guidance on eligibility please contact BAEC staff. If you are not sure if you qualify or if your situation has recently changed, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

BAEC will require you to provide your passport, birth certificate or home office papers to prove your eligibility. You will also be required to complete and sign an individual learner record to confirm eligibility. Anyone who, if required, fails to provide proof of their eligibility will be charged course fees at the rate of £10.98 per hour plus any other costs. Anyone who is not eligible for such funding will also be required to pay tuition fees at the rate of £10.98 per hour plus any other costs.

Aged 16-18 years

Our courses are for learners aged 19 and over only. Please see LSEC for information on courses for 16-18 year olds.

Link to LSEC website

Aged 19 or over
If you are in receipt of state benefits other than state pension and child benefit, you may be eligible for a reduction in fees for any course that is supported by GLA or ESFA funding. For non accredited courses this will be a maximum of 20%. For approved qualification courses, the course may be free provided you can confirm that you are unemployed and actively seeking work. Also, if you are working but are on a low income, you may be eligible for a free course. Please ask for details.

If you are in receipt of one of these benefits, you may be asked to bring current evidence of this, together with your passport, birth certificate or home office papers, to BAEC each time you enrol. You will be asked to self declare and sign a form to say you are in receipt of these benefits.

There is full fee remission available on certain courses for those on a low wage (defined by GLA and ESFA); again evidence of this low wage must be produced before enrolment.
Examples of evidence include pay slips, bank statements etc. received within the last three months. More information on proof of wage is available on request from BAEC staff.

If students are unable to pay their fees on a qualification course and are not in receipt of any benefits, they may be able to apply for fee remission if fees are usually payable.
Please ask for more information.

Learners on qualification courses can apply for financial assistance for travel and course books, through the Learner Support Fund, please see the Policies page of the BAEC website for more information.

In addition, for students on low incomes such as means tested benefits who have difficulty in meeting the cost, we may be able to help you through the Learner Support Funds provided by the GLA/ESFA. However, this is a very limited amount of money. For more information email enquiries@baec.ac.uk 

Please note, some courses do not attract any  funding from the GLA or the ESFA, and/or concessions are not available. See individual course information pages for details.

Paying by instalments
If your course is more than 16 weeks long, you may pay for your course in instalments. Please ask for information at the time of enrolment.

Please note
BAEC cannot enrol you on another course while there is a balance of fees outstanding for any previous enrolment.

There may be further costs incurred after joining the course e.g. course materials, tools and equipment. Please read the course information page before enrolling.

Exam and Accreditation Fees
Examination, accreditation and administration costs are generally included in the course fee. Please check the details in each course description. All examination/accreditation and administration fees are non-refundable as they are passed on to external examining bodies.