Modern Foreign Languages Information

Modern Foreign Languages in 2020-21

BAEC offers year-long programmes and short intensive courses in French, Italian and Spanish. All courses are taught by highly experienced tutors, the majority of whom are native speakers.

Language main courses are divided in two parts. The first part lasts 20 weeks, followed by a consolidation course of 12 weeks, totalling 32 weeks of tuition. Part 1 courses start in September 2020 and Part 2 start immediately afterwards in March 2021. You should complete Part 1 before progressing to Part 2, but you can enrol on both courses at the same time.

Language courses normally include an Initial Assessment activity in the first session and you may be offered the possibility of transferring to another course if your level is higher or lower than the advertised level of the course.

Beginners to Intermediates - four year progression route

Our coordinated progression route from beginners to intermediates will enable you to acquire lasting skills and confidence in using the language.

Please use the list and descriptions below to help you choose your level and complete our MFL self-assessment questionnaire here

Year 1 – Basic

For those who cannot speak, read or write any of the language, or can recognise and use a few familiar words and phrases, ask and answer simple questions.

Year 2 – Improvers

For those who can take part in basic exchanges relating to personal details, needs and interests; and can carry out elementary transactions in everyday situations; using a limited range of words and expressions and basic correct grammatical structures.

Year 3 – Lower intermediates

For those who can communicate using basic but broadly correct grammar and a limited range of common vocabulary; and are beginning to express the differences between past, present and future events.

Year 4 – Higher intermediates

For those who can maintain a conversation using a sound command of vocabulary and commonly used sentence structures; recognise and express the differences between past, present and future events.

Higher Intermediate Consolidation, Advanced and Proficiency classes

Language learning is ongoing and continuous practice is necessary to retain fluency.

Beyond Year 4, we provide Conversational, Advanced and Proficiency classes. You may enrol on these classes year after year, they do not follow a set syllabus, objectives are set by mutual agreement with the tutor. These classes are funded mainly through learners' fees.

If you require further information, please email Agnes Jeary ( or Izabela Bialas-Lecybyl ( or phone the Kentwood centre on 0208 659 7976 and ask to speak to Agnes or Izabela.