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Easter School 4 - 8 April 2022

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Creative Spring Painting with Watercolours - One day K02622

Let's brush up your painting skills in this 1 day workshop. Join to explore the versatility of watercolour painting. You will use different techniques to build up your skills in colour and brushwork. The cost of materials is not included in the cost of the course.

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Make a Summer Wrap Skirt - Two Days K02621

On this course you will learn how to make a wrap skirt to your own personal measurements. This course is suitable for beginners and experienced sewers alike as there is scope to improve your sewing skills. The cost of materials and equipment used is not included in the cost of the course.

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Easter Buttercream Cake Decorating - One Day K02564

Come and create an Easter chick cake with a buttercream coating and sugar flowers. The techniques you will learn are: how to prepare your cake; how to make buttercream and colour it; how to create a smooth coating on a cake; how to make sugar decorations for the cake including flowers, eyes, beak and feet; how to pipe swirls in buttercream; how to cover a board with sugarpaste. The cost of ingredients is not included in the course fee, you will be sent a complete list before the start of the course.

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And Let's Go To - One Day Language Workshops

Are you planning to visit France, Italy or Spain and would like refresh your language skills? Courses are available in French, Italian or Spanish and are suitable for those have some knowledge of the target language (equivalent to 100 to 140 hours study) and those who would like to refresh or learn something new. The topics covered will give you greater flexibility and confidence in using the language and taking a more active part in conversations. You will refresh your knowledge about giving personal information, ordering food, asking for directions but you will also discuss the latest Brexit and Covid travel rules and regulations, use of modern technology in communication and practice some emergency situations in target language. These courses are NOT suitable for beginners.

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Wellbeing - Amazing 3 Brain Power - One Day K02565

A short one day workshop that seeks to explain each of the three brains (Head, heart and gut) and how each brain works with and against you. Understanding how they each developed can help you to work on issues like autoimmune disease, IBS etc. We will also explore how each relates on a mind, body and spiritual level whilst affecting the Vagus nerves which through Polyvagal Theory now leads us to being able to overcome fear and anxiety on a physical level.

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Draw and Frame - Two Days K02623

Let's learn new skills! Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will gain new skills in drawing during this 2 day workshop and you will have the opportunity to make a frame for your new drawing. The course fees does not include the cost of the materials used.

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Taking Better Photographs - One Day K02646

This one-day course will introduce you to the techniques of composing striking photographs. We'll look at shapes, lines, colours, lighting, framing, the rule of thirds and simple camera controls to improve your photography. You will need a digital SLR, mirrorless camera or other digital camera that has some semi automatic or manual controls.

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