Guidance for online learning

If you choose an online course, you will need a reliable Internet connection and a computer with a microphone and a camera.

When you enrol, you will be sent instructions on how to join the remote meetings.

If you need help, you can use the guides below or you can book a session with one of our 'Digital Champions' at the Kentwood or Poverest centres.

How to Access Google Meet 

Learner setup for Google Meet

How to access Email and Google Classroom

How to access your BAEC email account

How to set up your BAEC email account on your device

How to access Google Classroom

How to access Google Classroom from your device

Video: How to access Google Classroom from your device video for tutors and students

Student Guide to Handing In work on Google Classroom

Help from the Google Help Centre:

General issues when accessing the Classroom on your device

How to sign into Google Classroom

Get the Classroom App

How to change your language in the Google Classroom

How to Turn in an assignment

Work with a Doc assigned to you

Using Google Docs

How to Access Google Docs/Sheets/Slides

Using Google Docs

How to access Zoom meetings

Accessing Zoom

Online Safety and Risks in the Online Environment

Click here to view our video on Risks in the Online Environment

The Skills Toolkit

The Department for Education signposts people to free courses that can develop their digital and numeracy skills. The free courses are listed from the various organisations that created them over the past few years, from beginners' computer courses to more specialised courses in coding, digital marketing, and Microsoft Office. There is also a course to brush up on your maths skills.

For further information and register click here 

Other online Courses

Other courses are available for you to keep up with your learning and develop your skills.

You can find out more on the following links

You may also be interested in other online opportunities - the following institutions offer free online courses in a variety of subjects.