What's happening at BAEC?

 New Laser Cutter for the Etching room

Etching students will soon benefit from access to a laser cutter donated by our Etching tutor Kirsten Baskett. BAEC is one of the few institutions with this equipment, which enables students to produce accurate and precise pieces, and learn new skills.


We are  very excited to have partnered with Good Things Foundation to receive these tablets from DevicesDotNow scheme. Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund and Good Things Foundation we were able to equip some of our most vulnerable learners stay connected during Covid-19 and engage with education
You can find more information here

Digital  Adult Community Education (ACE) guidance materials

Bromley Adult Education College worked with Holex and other leading colleagues to help adult education providers with developing their digital capabilities.

Link to Digital Adult Community Education (ACE) developed materials:

New Smartboards

Smartboards in most classrooms at the Kentwood and Poverest centres were upgraded to up to date models during summer 2020.

BAEC was successful in securing funding from the Greater London Agency and the Borough of Bromley to carry out the works.

The new Smartboards are user-friendly, offer greatly enhanced visibility and sound, and can share materials/audio/videos with Android, IOS and Windows devices wirelessly.

Classroom computers have also been upgraded so they respond faster and you have the opportunity to work with the latest apps.

The new facilities will improve the quality of teaching and learning for all learners, and make your experience at BAEC more enjoyable.