Fundraising for LLDD – Ultra Marathon

Thank you Saliha!

Huge congratulations to English Tutor, Saliha Graine, for completing the ultra marathon on the 21st April 2024. Saliha ran an impressive 31 miles to raise funds totalling £1605 in support of the LLDD department and its learners at BAEC.
Thank you from all the staff and learners at BAEC  !
Visit this page for more information.
Hi I’m Saliha. Having completed 13 full marathons, I am challenging myself to complete an ultra marathon at an event on the 21st April 2024. I’m running it as a personal challenge and shamelessly using a local good cause to incentivise me to complete it.
A ‘normal’ marathon is 26 miles (42.195 km), which is 8 laps of the event I am running in. An ‘Ultra’ marathon is anything further than that. I need your help to force me to keep going for as long as possible and complete as many laps as possible within the 6 hour limit.
I’m running to support the Special Educational Needs Department at Bromley Adult Education College. They need to raise money for materials and fund projects to benefit their students. By donating to them, you will put more miles in my tank!
The cost of the event is already covered and everything raised goes to them. Knowing you donated money is an incentive to put my heart and soul into this race.
My challenge to myself is to reach 31 miles before 5 hours 15 mins, but I am in unknown territory and need all the help I can get. Anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated!