Cookery and Cake Decorating information

Cookery and cake decorating information

BAEC runs Cookery courses for students of all levels at the Kentwood centre  in our fully equipped teaching kitchen. Cookery courses for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities are run at the Poverest centre. If you are interested in the latter, please contact for further information.

Small Groups

The maximum number of learners in each group is 12. We advise you to enrol early to secure your place.


Our learners' wellbeing and safety is our prime concern. There are enough cookers and ovens for each student to have their own workstation and there is enough room at the shared table for students to work safely. We realise that this equipment is used by multiple users at times; it is maintained and upgraded regularly. There are sanitising facilities in the classroom for your convenience.

To assist us in keeping classrooms clean and clutter-free, please only bring what you need and arrive promptly, but not before the start of your session.

Learners are required to participate in cleaning up at the end of each session.

Equipment and Materials

You will need to purchase ingredients weekly and bring a basic kit (apron, containers to carry your food home, etc.) that you should not share with other students. The list of ingredients/kit requirements will be emailed to you prior to the start of the course. Other equipment, such as pots and pans, kitchen implements etc. is provided.

Your tutor will demonstrate techniques on his/her own dish, and direct you while you work on your recipe.

Special diets

Our tutors are skilled at adapting recipes and will be happy to plan alternatives to an ingredient or technique. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know when you enrol. We can put you in touch with the tutor so that you can agree the list of ingredients for the first session.


If you would like to speak to the tutor, let us know and we will arrange for our experienced teacher to contact you.