Course and Tutor Profile – Art Appreciation and Drawing & Painting Courses with Mania Row

Art Courses in Bromley This week we’re profiling one of our longest serving Art tutors, Mania Row, who has worked at BAEC since 2006. Mania teaches our popular Art Appreciation and Drawing & Painting courses both at Poverest & Kentwood on Tuesdays and Wednesdays daytime. Painting “Delayed Departures” using walnut oil by Mania Row   Art Appreciation Course in Bromley This course aims to help you grow personally and improve your overall well-being through the study of Art Appreciation with Life as we see it as a subtext. The course may include a gallery visit, or exploration of online collections. Throughout the course, you’ll find engaging and enjoyable challenges that will help develop both personal and work-related skills. As you progress, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of creative and practical arts, learning how they reflect and shape our society over time. Additionally, you’ll explore how art contributes to the cultural richness of our community, both locally and globally. Our goal is to encourage your self-expression and creativity, promoting mental sharpness, memory, attention, concentration, and social skills. You’ll have the opportunity to form new friendships and visit galleries together, if desired. Assessment will focus on the development of skills studied each […]

Course profile : Quilting

Patchwork & Quilting Course in Bromley Fabulous work from the Quilting class @ BAEC The students of the Quilting class have been working hard on a collaboration piece and yesterday displayed their finished masterpiece up for all to see at the Kentwood building. Tutor Elizabeth Coates said each student has designed their own section of the quilt using a distinct colour palette which has then been meticulously pieced together to create a visually stunning wall hanging. Students used their design skills experimenting with texture, colour and shape. if you are interested in joining the highly popular quilting course at BAEC check out the courses on offer.        Join the Patchwork course in Bromley Come and learn a variety of techniques to make a beautiful quilt. This project will be suitable for all abilities. Individual components of the quilt could be used to make smaller projects such as a cushion or runner instead. Students are also welcome to work on their own projects under the guidance of the tutor. The cost of materials is not included in the course fee. Learn the basics of patchwork, such as what equipment you will need, how to do rotary cutting and which […]