Vaccination Information

Vaccination & Immunisation Talk at BAEC On Wednesday 19 June 2024 the LBB Health Protection Team came to have a talk about the importance of vaccinations and immunisation. This is very important as recently the cases of measles and whooping cough are rising throughout the London boroughs. Our ESOL students might not have the same vaccination or immunisation documents with them so it is important to get them this information. Participation from our learners was very high and we are planning more talks starting from September. A big thanks to Susanna and Berina for joining us at the Kentwood Centre to discuss vaccinations with our ESOL learners!  It was a fantastic success with 70 attendees soaking up the informative session. Vaccination & Immunisation- Further Info Please take a look at the further resources available from the Health Protection Team & the NHS below Looking after yourself and your family. Come speak to a Public health nurse to gain more information about managing your own and your family’s health, advice on vaccinations, which ones to have and when to have them. We have often found that keeping the message general about staying healthy instead of very immunisation focused, helps encourage attendance, […]